Saturday, 3 December 2011

Rough Animatic V4

I've edited my animatic down some more by removing drawings and replacing some others. I managed to take off 45 seconds, not bad but I still need to work on it!

I did some calculations for the amount of drawing work I would need to do for 4 minutes of animation.

4 minutes = 240 seconds @ 12fps = 2,880 frames
Over the course of four months (Jan-April)
720 frames per month
180 frames per week
36 frames per day (Mon-Fri) or 3 seconds per day

I find this reasonable as I was animating 40-60 frames per day for my last project which was just over  1,200 frames altogether, and I only had a month to do that in, so I'm fairly confident that I can do it, especially as some of my shots are long but without movement but I will still do my best to cut down the running time.

My friends gave me some feedback on how to cut it down quickly by having some actions happen in the same shot and taking some unnecessary ones out too, so I'm working on that now to get it as short as possible. I feel it's getting there though!

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