Monday, 14 May 2012

Acorns Film Stills

A selection of stills from my film, these are all composited shots as they appear in the final piece! I'll be keeping off 'spoiler' frames for now, but so far these look quite nice together and it's exciting to see it come together at last!

Final Deadline

My last University deadline is finally here, though it doesn't quite feel real, partly because I'm not submitting a finished film! I'll still be working on over the next two weeks, in-betweening, cleaning-up, colouring and compositing. With some extra hard work, I think it will be done in time for our grad show, though it's quite scary to be handing-in unfinished work in the meantime!

Here are some more pictures!

This is a little model my youngest sister did of my tree Spirit, isn't it cute? When we have time she is going to bake it and I will paint it.

Thought I would take a picture of my home workstation, though I almost always work at the Uni studio now. This is during a tidy day.

Here I've featured my new collection of acorn necklaces and a couple of real very old acorns too! I like to surround myself with references and inspiration, even if it does come off as cluttered.

And this is The Box. It's full of finished animation frames, so much so that it can't be closed anymore. I haven't added up the frame numbers yet, but when I do I'm sure it will be pretty shocking!

In the morning I'm handing a whole bunch of stuff in, including some final stills from my film, so I'll be uploading those very soon! Until then, goodnight!

Sample Business Cards

Just wanted to post up some sample business cards I got over Easter from where I tried out some new artwork. I think I prefer the one with the tree for the back of the card, as it looks more professional. Though I wonder if the front of it looks like I'm a children's book illustrator rather than an animator. I'll have to try some new designs soon!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Acorns Production

It's been a while since I've had time to update my production blog here, I've been animating solidly for the past two months, including over Easter break and it's all starting to come to a close. Monday 23rd April was our rough cut critique which went really well for everyone. We all got good feedback and there were no real drastic situations where work was scrapped although some got suggestions for minor changes.

My rough cut was a mixture of finished composited shots, line tests and still quite a few pieces of animatic, though there wasn't time to add some of my work, so it wasn't an accurate portrayal of my progress. Nonetheless my fellow students and tutors seemed very pleased with my progress and although my film will not be completely coloured and composited by the deadline (14th May!!), it will definitely be animated which is fine, as long as it is complete for our grad show and festival submissions! It's all very exciting!

Here is my shot list as of today. The turquoise pen marks everything that is completed through various stages. The first three columns are the most important right now as that entails all of the drawing which is nearly done now.

Clearly there is still much to do overall, but I am confident that the animation aspect will be at the very least, completely keyed out by the deadline. I am getting a tighter edit together for this Tuesday (8th) so that my composer can get a timed soundtrack together as my animation has lengthened the runtime of my film again! What I was hoping to keep under four minutes is now four and a half minutes, but it called for longer pauses here and there so it is for the best. After that it will be a week of colouring and compositing, the May Ball and then Joanna Quinn's Masterclass!

The composited shots so far are looking great and I cannot wait to get some previews up and some stills when I get the time, for now, I'm motoring on with the animation in time for our last Uni deadline! There's a whole lot more I'd like to talk about but I will have to update with it another time... but for now, everything is going smoothly and in other news I got engaged to my boyfriend of four years a few weeks ago so there's lots going on but too much to do!

I will end this post with the first still from my film. :)

I'll be updating again soon with lots of cool things and hopefully more pictures!
Bye for now! :)