Friday, 30 December 2011

Knitted Dragons Concept Art

NOTE: This post is unrelated to my film, but is additional evidence of my work and character design for a fellow animation student.

These are concepts and character designs for my friend and fellow student, Robert Morgan, for his film about knitted dragons.

The purpose of these was to design Rob's character, Alex, and the dragon she battles in his film. The film is in full CGI so it was important to be accurate with the drawings and show the characters from several angles.

These were done between late November to December 2011 (Newest at the top)

Model sheets show up many problems in design before going on into the modeling stage of CG in Maya, to cause even more trouble. Issues such as showing Alex's emotion with dot eyes and without eyebrows, moving her short arms convincingly and the dragon moving from all fours to standing upright. 

Alex Style Experimentation

Below is early development that was altered to better suit Rob's style of Maya modeling. While this was adequate for 2D animation, it was not relevant to stylised CGI, being too naturalistic and organic. What was needed was more geometric symmetry and a less realistic approach to character design.

Early Alex Development

Early 'squirrel-like' Dragon Development

Early 'squirrel-like' Dragon Development

Early 'squirrel-like' Dragon Development
Rob is now modeling the characters and experimenting with colour so my assistance with his designs are over for now, but more drawings may be required later and I will give him feedback for how my model sheets have been interpreted. More on that in the coming months.

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