Sunday, 4 December 2011

Model Sheet and Sketches

Here's a new model sheet for Amber and the Spirit of the Oak Tree. The designs are nearly final now, this needs a little work on maintaining proportions and perspective, but the line quality is pretty much there and I've done a coloured version too.

I've gone for bright primary colours that are toned down enough to almost be softer pastel colours. I've avoided pinks/purples for Amber, instead going for more neutral primary colours and a bit of lime green so she is more of a tomboy. The Spirit is a warm amber colour that fades where it will become more transparent. The ear leaves are a more faded green to try and avoid carrot comparisons! Not sure if that is successful yet!

And to finish off, more character sketches of Amber and the Spirit together, showing lots of emotion tests. I'll sort out an expressions sheet for them soon.

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