Thursday, 9 February 2012

More Colour Palettes

Final Colour Sheets for Amber and the Spirit in Winter, Spring and Summer. The last sheet will be Amber at night time and a couple of other lighting conditions and prop colouring. These also represent final character designs.

The Spirit changes colour throughout seasons as well as Amber's clothes, my idea was to give Amber pastel-like primary colours and the Spirit secondary colours as well as appropriate colours for the scene/seasons, so Autumn is warm and orange (but red when danger is near), Winter is cool, clean and blue, Spring is fresh greens filled with colourful flowers and Summer is hot and rich in greens, blues and yellows.

It's important as well for these colours to complement the backgrounds as well as each other, so I will have some colour/mood sheets for those too.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Autumn Colour Palette

Well there's no more denying it, production has officially begun on Acorns! I already have some interest from 2nd years and MA students at Newport willing to help with colouring and effects, so I'm getting everything organised so they can get started as well as animating new shots to be cleaned and coloured.

For this I have completed a colour sheet for the three Autumn scenes to make the production process easier when enlisting the help of digital colourists! I included the # number of the colours as well so that it will stay consistent.

Should have more of these (and eventually some pencil tests too) very soon!