At the mischievous age of 5-years-old, Amber is a curious, energetic, fun-loving, and above all stubborn young girl. She always gets her way and heaven help anyone who tries to stop her! Yet despite her outgoing attitude, deep down she just wants a friend to play with. Being an only child can get difficult while growing up but little did she know that friend would be a magical tree spirit! Her new friendship isn't all fun and games however and Amber has to learn to think of others rather than just herself.

The Spirit of the Oak Tree

Being a magical tree spirit comes with many responsibilities. This quiet and caring creature is tasked with nurturing the great Oak Tree that is its' home. Every day is spent clearing old leaves and branches, keeping peace and harmony among the other wild animals and most importantly, gathering acorns in Autumn to plant more trees in the Spring. The Spirit fulfills it's duty happily but it's a lonely life and the Spirit yearns for a friend; even a wild child such as Amber!

The Great Oak Tree

Everything in Amber's life centers around this beautiful old Oak Tree. It is home to the Tree Spirit who cares for it and every Autumn its' leaves turn orange then red before falling from the branches for Winter. In Spring, the leaves grow again as flowers bloom all over the hill. The tree provides shade in Summer and starts the cycle all over again in Autumn when it also grows acorns that fall to the ground and are planted as new trees or collected by squirrels or little children! For the Tree Spirit, the Oak Tree is a vital part of life and should be nurtured and allowed to grow like any other creature.

Characters are copyright © Gemma Roberts 2011-2012.

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