Saturday, 15 October 2011

Storybook Inspiration: Oliver Jeffers

Looked at some children's books in Waterstones yesterday and found some really nice titles that have really good visual inspiration. My film is going to be suitable for and aimed at children, but also needs to be entertaining for older audiences too, so this is a good start for ideas.

"Stuck" By Oliver Jeffers

I was first drawn to this book by the simple tree and colours on the cover, then the visual style of the drawings and words upon looking through the pages. I've ordered the book online so can get some scans for reference soon.

"Lost and Found" by Oliver Jeffers

I find this book very simple in execution, but the unique visual style is too compelling to ignore. It's been made into a 40 minute CGI film by Studio AKA. I hope to watch it soon for inspiration. I would have preferred to see a 2D animation, but the CGI conversion of the designs is quite interesting. They've stripped down the detail which is good to see, but could have been pushed further:

Here is a trailer for the film.

And a great interview of the author in his studio with some of his work:

This is one of the many style inspirations for my film... more to come soon!

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