Thursday, 14 August 2014

Last of the Festival Circuit

Just when I thought the 'festival circuit' was finished for Acorns, the film has been accepted into this year's MUMIA (Mostra Udigrudi Mundial de Animação) 2014 in Brazil! Looks like fun!

The shortlist is up on their blog now, scroll down to the 'International' category to see Acorns at the top!

I also have a couple of other cool things to talk about, first is a certificate and program that came in the post all the way from Argentina! This was from the ANIMA - Córdoba International Animation Festival back in October 2013. I received a lovely certificate of participation and a complete printed program of the entire festival catalogue!

And there is also news from the 15th Hiroshima International Film Festival 2014 in Japan. Sadly, I received a letter declining my film for the competitive screenings (of which there were 2,217 entries and only 59 accepted!) but it was so nicely worded and presented I wanted to share it!

Good news however is that Acorns will be in the 'educational film market' screenings at the festival between the 21st-25th August, so it will be screened after all! I'm very happy for the film to be in Japan (my first inspiration for Acorns was Miyazaki-san's My Neighbour Totoro after all!) and I sent a little package to them with some postcards!

And that's about it from us, I'm so happy to see Acorns is still doing well even after 2 years! DVDs of the film have also done well at UK conventions and I will get them in stock online as soon as I can!
Thanks everyone! :)

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