Sunday, 22 January 2012

Shot Breakdown

This is a shot breakdown I made in Excel on Thursday. I started by listing all of my shots in a separate file, describing them and then going through my animatic to see how long each shot was in seconds (but not the added detail of frames to give flexibility when animating) how difficult it would be to achieve in terms of levels, special effects and number of characters and any camera details etc.

I transferred this information into Excel, colour coding the difficulty of shots (red for hard, orange for medium, green for easy and blue for a still shot) and the shots themselves are colour coded for the seasons (yellow for Autumn, blue for Winter, pink for Spring, green for Summer, dark purple for Night/Storm and lilac for the storm's aftermath which is approximately Autumn).

I have a printed version of it by my desk so I can check off all of the Rough Animation, Final Animation, Scanning, Clean-Up, Alpha, Colouring and Compositing as I go. According to my schedule, tomorrow begins my rough animation and backgrounds, though Dissertation will have to be postponed until my feedback on it at the end of the month. I'll be tackling 2 difficult shots and approx. 4 medium shots during the week. I will note down my progress to estimate how long it takes me and when I will have everything done by.

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